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Intermediation platform for electronic components

e-CrystalTrade, Internet platform for intermediation of electronic components:

- E-Referencing / Clearance
Your solution for "online" inventory clearance

- E-Consulting Buyer
Your "online"  databse for effective search of hard to find electronic components

- Regulation of transactions
Support for relationship shared in the “community"
Quality of database and transaction processing
Dedicated and customized  spaces
Personalized services (gradual control of the risk of infringement)
Deposit service sales

eCrystalTrade offers its customers several associated innovative services

- Control of counterfeiting (the buyer has optional solutions analysis of counterfeits by implementing the following technologies)

Standard Visual inspection for each transaction
Optional X-ray control (chip control, wiring or connections control, lead frame control)
Package opening (mechanical abrasion, laser, and chemical) to control the chip. Non-destructive solution to re-close the case.

-Appropriate mean for delivery  (personalized, express, standard)

- Advanced management of obsolescence

    Design and manufacturing of interface circuits for pin adapting
    Reballing of components (for BGA)
    Implementation of BOM monitoring
    Design update (case by case)

- Industrialization of new designs

    Support for migration from a leaded process to a lead free process

Some advantages for the stock seller:

    No entry fees
    The clearance strategy is set by the stock seller (Policy for massive stock selling by lowering prices or policy focused retrieval by adapting prices to scarcity)
    The out-stocking occurs exclusively on a purchase out
    A personal and dedicated space on the website
    A retrieval unit or list
    An optimized internet referencing for your components

Some advantages for the buyer:

    Real-time access to the largest global community of available components
    A single contact for ECT from multiple sourcing
    Mastering of purchases due to relevant indicators: Rating of stock sellers, certificate of compliance of the component, date code, mastering of the dry chain and the ESD chain ...

Some community benefits:

    A social network dedicated to the electronic industry, controlled by independent professionals from electronics industry.
    An environmentally responsible approach to reduce the pressure of unused stocks on the environment.

The alignment of the availability of latent components from electronics industry with the demand by our solution of the intermediation for electronic components.
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