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FIND your components


Your database  « online »  for an efficient search of electronic components HTF.
The new solution to the shortage of components: avoid precaution orders.

The reference: in 1 click for an effective search of electronic components, to access the HTF no entry fee, free registration.

Reference: 1-click access to already HTF in stock

  • The largest community of available components together on a single trusted third party: ECT,  « The place to be »
  • An innovative alternative to your problems HTF components: Obsolescence, MOQ, LTT. Result: reduction of purchase price of HTF
  • The extension of supply sources CPTs
  • Tool for your logistics strategy: lean, LLTs reduction
  • Reference: 1-click access to already HTF in stock


  • Secure buying process such as « Hand check »
  • Reception service dedicated and transparent (Express Mode possible)
  • Control your risk of infringement with incremental services «  anti fakes »: Visual inspection, RX, component opening
  • Personalized relay of component searching service. A one-time purchase excess burden: Put Your Load in ECT

Collaborative mode

  • An world wide open of electronic stocks with a single source: ECT
  • New anti-shortage solution for components (Japan Effect)
  • Alternative to brokers
  • Administrative Management Simplified: Pooling of billing processes and transport
  • Free Tool: Free admission (but regulated: Selection of members, anonymous marking, ...)
  • B to B intuitive use (simple and effective)
  • Members: Total privacy & anonymity during the process (Transaction)
  • Custom dashboard monitoring of ongoing actions
  • BtoB Incentive collaborative contribution (kickback)


  • Members: Sector activity & anonymous notation for actors
  • Components: Traceability and Certificate of Compliance visible
  • Quality Control Services during ECT packaging operations
  • Visibility on the presence of component compliance certificates
  • E-SERVICES: tool for detecting fakes (RX and chip Analysis)
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